Citus™ Cloud Suite is a set of tools developed by FPT Software to better assist clients in Cloud transition and Cloud management from consultancy to post-implementation phases. By combining FPT Software’s proven Cloud expertise with Vietnam’s cost competitiveness, the tool suite offers an effective way to enhance productivity and reducing time-to-market while keeping enterprises’ Cloud budget at a minimum level. THe component tools are divided into 4 main groups

Citus™ Cloud Load Test

The tool allows developers or testers building load test scenarios, running load testing, and analyzing test results for web application and web services.

Citus™ PaaS

An open and innovative cloud-based private Platform invented to simplify workload development, management and auto scaling.

Citus™ Migration Suite

A comprehensive toolset designed to assist clients in quick & efficient data migration from Lotus Notes databases to other platfroms including SharePoint Online, Office365, SQL, Microsoft Word, Salesforce, SAP.

Citus™ Containerization

Clicks away to simplify and automate provisioning and deployment process for migration application to Container